Davidsmeyer-McClure Legislation Puts Bus Drivers Back to Work

Springfield, IL…Recent legislation passed by Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) and Sen. Steve McClure (R-Springfield) will help solve the bus driver shortage affecting regional schools by letting drivers whose licenses were suspended because of unpaid child support get back behind the wheel once a debt repayment plan is approved.

Sen. McClure sponsored House Bill 4230 in the Senate. He believes this bill will put people back to work. “Schools, especially in rural areas, rely heavily on their school bus drivers. Unfortunately, there is a severe bus driver shortage right now across Illinois,” said McClure. “This common-sense legislation will help schools get kids to the classrooms and put people back to work.”

The revoked license issue was brought to Rep. Davidsmeyer by a constituent.

“A driver who wanted to work, but couldn’t, contacted my office and asked for help. His license was revoked not because of a driving infraction, but because of past debt,” said Davidsmeyer.

“School bus drivers whose licenses were revoked because of child support debt can setup a payment plan with the Court and have their driving privileges returned. This bill not only puts the parent back on the path to full payment, but also ensures that they have the employment opportunities to stay on track.”

The Davidsmeyer-McClure legislation has passed both chambers and is headed to the Governor’s desk.