Davidsmeyer opposes Pritzker’s changes to Health Care Right of Conscience Act

SPRINGFIELD…Illinois House Democrats advanced legislation backed by Governor JB Pritzker that would remove the right of objection to vaccine mandates because of a religious or conscience point of view. The Democrats’ action comes after over 50,000 people filed slips of opposition at a late night committee hearing. 

Senate Bill 1169 forces people to take a vaccine against their will because Governor Pritzker thinks he knows what is best for Illinois citizens,” said Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville). “This legislation infringes on people’s right to make their own health care decisions. Right now the majority party is trying to use the general public’s fear of COVID as a reason to take this health care choice away from an individual. This is another example of big government saying they know better than individual citizens.

“Teachers, first-responders and daycare workers who do not want to take a vaccine because of religious or health concerns should have the right to make that decision for themselves. The Democrats continue put the ‘anti-vax’ label on anyone who has concerns about the COVID vaccine. Many of these individuals get the flu shot every year, but are concerned that the short timeline and lack of study over time makes this vaccine less vetted. All they want is the opportunity to make their own health care decisions, and I support that freedom.

“During House Executive Committee debate I called out the double-standard that Democrats live by, ‘Do as I say, not as I do,’ when two unmasked legislators were sitting side-by-side ignoring the Secretary of State’s masking mandate for the State Capitol Complex.

“Legislators are not mandated to be vaccinated, but many public and private employees are and they no longer have the right to object to this mandate because Illinois Democrats have taken away their freedom. Today, Illinois citizens lost their religious rights and will now be forced to take a vaccine or lose their jobs.”