Davidsmeyer: IL Gun Owners Treated Like Second Class Citizens

Davidsmeyer: IL Gun Owners Treated Like Second Class Citizens

Assistant Republican Leader C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) described how gun owners are treated as second class citizens in Illinois because of a massive backlog for first time applications and renewals of Firearm Owners Identification cards (FOID) during the House Republicans weekly conclusion press conference today at the Illinois State House.

“My mother-in-law lives in Ohio and can purchase ammunition in Illinois without a FOID card.  However, people in my district whose FOID has not been renewed by the Illinois State Police cannot buy ammunition,” said Davidsmeyer.

Davidsmeyer stated many local stores are unwilling to sell ammunition to people who have expired FOID cards.

“My office receives constant complaints from constituents who try to buy ammo at their local farm store.  These stores do not want to take on the liability of gun and ammo sales while a person’s FOID card is technically expired.

“As a legal gun owner I believe gun crimes should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.  However, it seems that Chicago wants to ignore the crime while making it more difficult for law-abiding Illinoisans to exercise their Second Amendment rights.

“The people I work with at the State Police are great, but if they cannot handle the program we need consider getting rid of the FOID.