Local Republican Leaders React to Spike in Natural Gas Delivery Charge

Springfield, IL…Assistant Republican Leaders Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) and Senator Steve McClure (R-Springfield) are working to ensure rural communities have access to state of Illinois and federal resources during this winter emergency.

“Prices for natural gas delivery in our rural regions are skyrocketing because of unexpected winter weather in Texas,” said Davidsmeyer.  “The demand for natural gas is exceeding availability causing a spike in delivery prices.

“Governor Pritzker’s quick action in declaring a winter emergency for the entire state offers our local towns the opportunity to receive assistance.  While the assistance doesn’t magically appear right when it is needed, we will continue to work to make sure our communities get much needed relief.”

“I am thankful for Governor Pritzker’s quick action in this matter.”

“This is a terrible situation for people in many of the communities in the 50th District,” said McClure.  “Access to natural gas is especially critical during the current frigid weather.

“I’d like to thank Governor Pritzker for swiftly declaring a statewide natural disaster over the situation. I will remain in close contact with local officials from affected communities as well as the Governor’s office to make sure that state government is doing what it can to help.

“I would encourage people to reach out to my office if there is anything we can do to help.”