Rep. Davidsmeyer Sets Spring Session Agenda: Fair Maps, Property Taxes & Ethics Reforms

The citizens of Illinois deserve better from their legislators. Real reform has been ignored and brushed aside so that those in power can remain in power.

Now the People of Illinois are making their voices known on several extremely important issues: fair maps, property taxes, and ethics reform. These initial reforms will set a more stable path for greater transparency and a brighter future for all Illinoisans.

Fair Maps!  I don’t know a single person who believes that it’s good for politicians to pick their voters by drawing their own legislative districts.  Districts should be decided through a process putting the power back in the hands of the people.  There is no doubt that the Speaker of the House or the President of the Senate personally benefit and can keep themselves in power by drawing the districts that will give them the most seats.

Property Taxes! Some members of the Illinois General Assembly, including our own speaker, have a vested interest in shaping property tax law. The majority party continues to talk about high property taxes. They have supermajorities in both the House and the Senate, yet they do nothing. They created a task force that has done nothing but delay real property tax reform. Right now, there is an opportunity for true bi-partisanship which can help stem the tide of out migration from our state. We only ask that our proposals be given the consideration necessary to come to a bi-partisan agreement.

Ethics Reform! The House Republicans’ ethics reform package will put an end to Chicago-style politics. Last year a Democrat Senator was indicted, last week a Democrat Senator plead guilty to bribery, and just this week a Democrat Representative was arraigned in court. Democrat offices continue to be raided. “Absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

It is time for all elected officials to come together and bring trust back to the General Assembly.  We must start by holding ourselves accountable to a higher standard.  Republicans have a great ethics reform package ready to go today.  Why wait?

Illinois is an amazing State with so much to offer.  We are the crossroads of America.  In order to return to greatness, we need to institute Fair Maps, lower property taxes, and pass meaningful ethics reform.  This would be a huge first step to get Illinois back on track!