Department of Natural Resources Grant Opportunity

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources is offering Park and Recreational Facilities Construction grants.

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What is PARC? The Park and Recreational Facility Construction Act (PARC) provides grants to eligible local governments for park and recreation unit construction projects and land acquisition. 

Application Deadline: January 21, 2020 by 5:00pm

Grant Period: 2 years

Grant Amounts: $25,000 to $2,500,000

Match: Grant covers 75% of capital project cost for most applicants, 90% of capital project cost for Disadvantaged Communities

Total Funding Available: $25,000,000

Eligible Applicants: Units of local government that are authorized by Illinois law to expend public funds for the acquisition and development of land for public indoor/outdoor park, recreation or conservation purposes are eligible to apply for funding assistance. School districts are not eligible.

Prequalification: ALL applicants must be registered on the State of Illinois Grantee Portal prior to the application deadline date. Click here for more information on GATA prequalification.

Are multiple applications from the same local sponsor allowed? Yes. There is no limit on the number of applications an applicant may submit.

What fees are required for applicants and grant recipients? The PARC grant program now requires a non-refundable Application Fee and approved projects will be required to remit a Grant Award Fee. See the 2021 PARC manual for details.

What types of projects are eligible for grants? PARC grants must be used for “bondable” or “brick and mortar” projects. Eligible capital expenditures include (but are not limited to) demolition in preparation for recreational development, site preparation and improvements for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, utility work for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, reconstruction or improvement of existing buildings or facilities for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, expansion of buildings/facilities for indoor/outdoor recreation purposes, and new construction of buildings/structures.
Land acquisition projects for public park recreation and conservation purposes include, but are not limited to, acquisition of land for the following:  to construct new public indoor/outdoor recreation buildings, structures and facilities; to expand existing public indoor/outdoor recreation buildings, structures and facilities; general park purposes such as regional, community and neighborhood parks and playfields; frontage on public surface waters for recreation use; open space/conservation purposes to protect floodplains, wetlands, natural areas, wildlife habitat and unique geologic and biologic features, and additions to such areas.
Please note that the priority of the program is the renovation or construction of indoor recreation facilities since they are not eligible under other IDNR grant programs. 

How can I receive more information regarding the PARC grant program? Contact IDNR’s Office of Grant Management and Administration One Natural Resources WaySpringfield, IL. 62702 Phone:  (217) 782-7481 Email: FAX: (217) 782-7841