Davidsmeyer: House Passes Ethics Reforms, More Work Needs to be Done

A package of ethics reforms which create a blue ribbon commission and increase reporting requirements passed the Illinois House today.  However, Assistant Republican Leader C.D. Davidsmeyer says much more work is needed.

“The people of Illinois can not take the pressure off of the General Assembly until real ethics reform occurs,” said Davidsmeyer.

“Illinois is home to the most politically corrupt city in the nation, which has earned the well known term ‘Chicago Style Politics.’”

“In the last month, several sitting legislators have been targeted by the FBI on federal corruption charges.  All of them are from the majority party.  Democrats are only now pretending to care about ethics.”

Davidsmeyer criticized House Joint Resolution 93 for not producing its first report until after the primary election held in March 2020.

“The Democrats’ idea is to do nothing now, form a commission that they hope the people of Illinois will forget about, and wait until after the primary election.”

“This is what we call ‘slow-rolling’.  The goal here is to hope the people of Illinois will forget about the corruption and ethics issues in Chicago that affects all of Illinois!”

“As Illinoisans, we can not forget!  We have to keep the pressure on if we want elected officials who truly work for the people.