Governor signs Davidsmeyer’s Prescription Drug Affordability Legislation

Springfield, IL…Legislation co-sponsored by Assistant Republican Leader C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) and signed on Friday by Governor J.B. Pritzker will give those who take pharmaceutical drugs relief at the cash register.

House Bill 465 (Public Act…101-0452), will give customers more options for cheaper drugs, prevent the denial of emergency medical treatment to expecting mothers, allow pharmacists to recommend less expensive drugs, create a state registration for Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) and hold those PBMs accountable.

“Almost everyone takes some sort of prescription drug to maintain their way of life. And many times patients, especially senior citizens, are forced to decide between basic necessities like food, housing and utilities or their monthly prescriptions. My legislation protects patients and gives them and their pharmacists more rights to treat disease,” said Davidsmeyer.

“Pharmacists will now be allowed to inform patients of cheaper drug options. Drug lists and the maximum allowable cost charged will be updated every seven days – giving consumers real-time pricing for their drugs.

“Patients will not be forced to pay a co-pay when the out-of-pocket price is less than the co-pay.

“Denial of emergency care will be much harder; especially when that denial is for pregnant women who are having contractions, but are sent home from the hospital.

“The last major point of my legislation is PBMs will be required to register with the state starting July 2020. A license will be good for two years. However, a BPM can have their license revoked and be fined if they are found guilty of violating patients’ rights created under this public act.

“Way too often folks are spending more than they can afford on prescription drugs. This legislation will protect consumers and pharmacies. It keeps the price of prescription drugs competitive, but makes it fair to pharmacies, PBMs and customers.”