Davidsmeyer Appointed to Rare Disease Commission

Springfield, IL…Assistant Republican Leader C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) was appointed to a three-year term on the Rare Disease Commission this week. The Commission is responsible for learning how to improve treatment and care for those who suffer from a rare disease.

“The Rare Disease Commission focuses on diseases that only affect 200,000 or less people in the United States,” said Davidsmeyer. “Our main goal is to figure out how treatment, medicine, therapy and legislation can help improve the lives of those who suffer from uncommon diseases.”

The fifteen person panel meets quarterly and must draft an annual report that is submitted to the Illinois General Assembly. 

The commission is formed by eleven appointments by the governor and each of the four legislative caucuses appoints one legislator. Five members must suffer from or have a family member who lives with a rare disease. Commission members serve without compensation. 

“I am very thankful to House Republican Leader Jim Durkin for appointing me to this commission. I have a number of constituents who either have a rare disease or have a family member affected by one.  It is my goal to find out the best way to help people deal with the unknown of these rare diseases.”