Davidsmeyer votes “No” on Abortion Expansion

Springfield, IL…Today, Illinois House Democrats pushed through legislation that will allow for late-term abortions and end the required parental notification for under-age minors who seek an abortion. 

“Another piece of the Governor’s far left agenda has passed the Illinois House,” said Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville).

Originally a Senate Bill dealing with mental health – SB 25 – was amended by Kelly Cassidy (D-Chicago) with an amendment changing the substance of the bill from mental health to the Reproductive Health Act.  Rep. C.D. Davidsmeyer joined his Republican colleagues in voting against the bill.  It passed the House 64-50-4.

“No doubt about it, this is an immoral piece of legislation,” said Davidsmeyer.  “This bill takes away the rights of an unborn child.  It allows for an abortion if the cost to save the child’s life is deemed too high or if a surgery is too expensive.  It also removes the requirement that a parent be notified when their underage daughter seeks an abortion, while still requiring them to pay for it.

“Just last month Governor J.B. Pritzker banned twenty-year olds from purchasing tobacco.  Now he thinks that children are mature enough to make the decision to have abortions without their parents’ notification.  You can’t make this stuff up!

This is the second time in three years that the Illinois General Assembly has massively expanded abortion.

“In 2017, I vehemently opposed taxpayer-funded abortions.  Now the liberal Chicago politicians are expanding abortion to the point of no return.  

“Illinois has proven that we are in a race to the bottom, both financially and morally.”