Budget Statement

More Taxes. More Fees. Higher spending. No solutions.

“The Governor of Illinois is constitutionally required to deliver a balanced budget based on current law and current revenues.

Unfortunately, after declaring that the State has a $3 billion budget deficit and a $15 billion backlog of unpaid bills, Governor Pritzker promised more spending, more fees, continued underfunding of pensions, and more taxes.

We need a balanced budget based on reality, not more political promises funded on the backs of working people.

The Governor stated that Illinois should be paying $4.9 billion in pension payments, but will be required to pay $9.1 billion (due to pension holidays under Governor Blagojevich).

What’s his answer? Continue to underfund them. Stretch the payment out for a longer time, increasing the State’s payments by estimates of over $100 billion over the next 50 years.

On top of this, the state will have paid off pension bonds and will have an additional $1 billion. Instead of continuing to put this into pensions, he has proposed new spending on new programs.

As Illinoisans, we have already seen how this plan plays out, and it always ends with unfulfilled promises and increased taxes that we cannot afford!

Expecting tax payers to foot the bill for politicians’ spending is not right and I will not support it.”