Rep. Davidsmeyer Responds to Negative Political Advertisements

A Chicago-based group will soon be hitting the airwaves and mailboxes with untrue negative attacks on State Representative CD Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville). “After this past primary, haven’t we seen enough negativity and mudslinging,” said Rep. CD Davidsmeyer. “I’m working to find a true budget compromise that will put the State of Illinois on a path for a better future. This means that neither the Governor, nor the Speaker of the House can get everything on their ‘want list’ until we take care of the needs of our state.”

Rep. Davidsmeyer continues to encourage the Governor’s Administration and Chicago Democrats to work on a compromise budget that will end the ten month budget battle. “I am ready to be the adult in the room and will compromise with anyone who shares my open mind,” said Davidsmeyer.