Davidsmeyer: Governor Keeps Commitment to State Employees

Last week, an agreement was struck between Governor Rauner’s Administration and Union leaders that will keep negotiations going between the two parties and prevent a lockout or strike. “This is the second guarantee in the past three weeks from Governor Rauner to state employees that negotiations will continue and a lockout or forced strike will not occur,” said Davidsmeyer.

The agreement signed last week is a tolling agreement. It extends contract negotiations until a compromise is reached. Two previous extensions have been signed.

“Over the past four weeks I have worked with the Governor’s staff to secure promises in writing that state employees will be protected. I have secured a letter from the Governor and now, as promised, the Governor’s Administration has signed a new agreement with Union leaders that promises not to lockout or force strikes on state employees,” said Davidsmeyer. (Visit www.cddavidsmeyer.org to view agreements.)

If both parties, the Governor’s Administration and Union leaders, agree that an impasse has been reached then an appeal will be sent to the Illinois Labor Relations Board (ILRB). Employees will not be locked out, forced to strike or lose their paychecks.

“This agreement protects state employees and guarantees that they will be paid. I will continue to work to ensure that Governor Rauner and his Administration keep their word and do not cause a lockout or strike.”