Rep. Davidsmeyer’s Statement on HDEM Budget

Rep. Davidsmeyer’s statement on the unbalanced budget

The budget that IL House Democrats advanced yesterday spends nearly $4B more than anticipated revenues for Fiscal Year 2016, increasing the backlog of bills.

IL House Democrats have been unwilling to compromise between two unrealistic ideas: cuts or tax increases. Somewhere in the middle lies reforms and a brighter future.

Unfortunately, IL House Democrats left the bargaining table when House Republicans voiced real fiscal concerns, which is why this budget did not receive a single bi-partisan vote.

Without reforms, every Illinoisan will be asked to give more and more into the future.

It is unreasonable for IL House Democrats to pass an unconstitutional, unbalanced budget. We must focus our dollars on those who can’t do for themselves and investing in our future. This can only be done through reforms that grow Illinois’ economy to actually fulfill those promises.