Davidsmeyer’s Legislation Settles Local Dispute and Improves Trade

SPRINGFIELD…State Representative C.D. Davidsmeyer (R-Jacksonville) passed legislation last week that will resolve a dispute between two bodies of local government and improve international trade. Rep. Davidsmeyer’s legislation, which passed unanimously, removes Quarry Township from the America’s Central Port extension while keeping the city of Grafton in the port authority.

“I received a unanimous resolution from Quarry Township to be removed as well as a unanimous resolution from Grafton to be included in the Port. We were able to abide by both requests through this legislation,” said Davidsmeyer.
Rep. Davidsmeyer also added an amendment to his legislation that will improve international trade and manufacturing opportunities throughout America’s Central Port. “By amending this legislation we will be able reduce tariff costs on unfinished goods that can be assembled and finished right here in the 100th District,” said Davidsmeyer. 
“By removing the tariff on parts we encourage economic development and manufacturing. We improve our economy, spur growth and create new jobs right here in Illinois.”